Products & Services

we have a new product in the market called DROA-QUINE, a Dihydoartemisinin 40mg Antimalaria drug.Manufacture by HUBIE MEIBAO PHARMACEUTICALCO.. LTD for FLINTY ROCK PHARMACY & STORES LIMITED.

Flinty Rock pharmacy & Stores operates from a licensed premises by the Pharmacy Council Of Nigeria.The property is wholly owned by the owners of Flinty Rock.The range of products and services include and not limited to the following:

» Sales, dispensing and counseling to our patients.

» Wholesale and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

» Supply and installation of surgical and Hospital equipment.

» Supply of medical and phamaceutical products.

» Consulting.

The objective of the procurement and supply management (PSM) plan for health products is to outline Flinty Rock adherence to our customer (Government or Corporate organizations) procurement policies.The PSM plan will also be used to measure performance during implementation.